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Learn Some Skills - Deepen Your Connections - Grow - Have Some Fun

When people have the tools to change their relationships, they also grow as individuals.  They learn how to communicate more deeply and effectively, how to deepen friendships and increase intimacy.  I can help people gain the wisdom that comes out of processing old patterns and long held beliefs that have stifled them, to work through resentments and discover greater happiness and serenity.  Each session will focus on one area, such as communication, emotional and sexual intimacy, specific relationship problems, bridging gender differences and enhancing understanding and respect for one another.

Limited to ten people per workshop

Cost $40.00 per Session or $140.00 for a 4 session workshop if paid in full at first meeting.

I have been a psychotherapist and certified sex therapist since the 1980’s, have lectured locally at the College of Charleston, MUSC and conducted several conferences over the years.


Workshops on sexual addiction

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This is a place just for you.  I'm so glad you decided to visit.  Look through the information on these pages.  If you would like to talk, my phone number is (843) 367-1210.  I would be happy to talk with you when you are ready.